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Textron Systems is celebrating female leaders across the organization in honor of Women's History Month. Vice President of Marketing Kim Schleiff reflects on the company’s brand journey and its continued focus on the future. Read more
The collaboration of a company mechanic who has been with Textron Systems since 1980 and a young professional in the Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) rotational program made critical improvements across the business. Read more
Weapon & Sensor Systems has a notable heritage in aerospace materials research, development and manufacturing. These thermal protection materials kept America’s astronauts safe during re-entry for NASA’s Apollo program. Today, an unmatched team of highly specialized experts in aerospace materials provides robust material solutions that deliver protection to structures and re-entry vehicle air frames that protect personnel and high-value assets. Read more
The ISC Rotational Program is designed to develop ISC professionals by rotating them through a series of diverse assignments meant to broaden their technical capabilities and business acumen, and increase collaboration across the organization. Read more
One of Textron Systems’ most renowned products is the Aerosonde® Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS). Read more
Textron Systems worked with the city of Durham, North Carolina to support its storm water runoff prevention strategy through object-oriented feature extraction. Read more
Textron Systems Support Solutions Logistics Engineering Analyst Latosha Murchison and her team are contractor logistics support (CLS) specialists. While logistics in everyday life get packages to your door on time and on budget, military logistics can be fraught with complexity and even danger. Read more
Textron Systems’ Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV) is the system of choice for the U.S. Department of Defense’s first unmanned surface vehicle program of record. Check out the CUSV at sea during recent trials, and learn more about Textron Systems’ continued development of this multi-mission platform. Read more
Mobile digital devices pervade every area of modern life, from mobile phones and vehicle smart consoles to the array of devices utilized in the typical workplace. The military is no different; in fact, military research and development often leads to the most profound consumer technology advances. Read more
Learn more about EW as Textron Systems Electronic Systems Senior Vice President & General Manager Steve Mensh discusses the electromagnetic spectrum as a now and-future critical battlespace. Read more